The above Competition shall be played in accordance with the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) laws of the Game except as amended by the organiser.


All teams are required to pay a registration fee for their participation.

List of Events Registration Cost

Malaysia (All categories) RM 150 per team + Prevailing Platform Fee

Singapore (All categories) SGD 50 per team + GST + Prevailing Platform Fee

Indonesia (All categories) IDR 500,000 per team + VAT + Prevailing Platform Fee

*There will be Managers Meeting for each of the region before the tournament.


The team composition shall consist of a minimum of 6 players and a maximum of 8 players.

Birth Date Range Eligibility

Age Group Remarks


Born before 31 Dec 2002


All age groups allowed

*Proof of Identity Card / Passport will be checked on event day


Registration of teams shall be on a first come first serve basis.

It is the players’ responsibility to ensure their eligibility competing in these games. Proof of identity with PHOTO or Student card will be required on the day of the tournament for registration. The Organisers will check the players’ eligibility during registration and if ineligible players is/are found, the players will be disqualified, and the team may be disqualified.



In the event of a walkover in the round robin stages, a score of 3-0 and 3 points shall be awarded to the opposing team.

In the event of a walkover in the knock out stages, the opposing team shall be declared the winner of the match and progress to the next round.


A match is played by two teams, each consisting of not more than five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper.

A match may not start if either team consists of fewer than four players. (Less than 3 players)


The number of substitutions that may be made during a match is unlimited.

In all matches, the names of the players and substitutes must be given to the referees prior to the start of the match, whether they are present or not. Any substitute whose name is not given to the referees at this time may not take part in the match. (Not necessary)


If the ball has gone out of play, it will be restarted with a kick-in taken by the opponents of the team that last touched the ball. The kick-in is taken from the point on the touchline nearest to the place where it left the field of play. A goal may not be scored directly from a kick-in.


There is no offside in futsal.

No sliding tackles allowed


Referee’s decision on the field is FINAL and no appeal against the decision will be allowed.

If a player is shown two (2) Yellow cards by the referee in a single game, he will be shown a red card. If a player is shown the RED card by the referee, the player will be ejected for the rest of the game and the player will be suspended from the subsequent game in which his team plays.

Any player sent off due to violent conduct, will be suspended for the rest of the tournament

If a player is sent off, the team can replace the player that has been sent off after 2 minutes or if they concede a goal whichever first

Any player accumulating two (2) RED cards will be banned from the tournament.

Any player accumulating two (2) Yellow cards will be suspended for the subsequent game. Yellow cards accumulated will be collected throughout the whole tournament; with no resets.

Use of shin pads (guards) is compulsory.

Any team who gives a walkover or withdraws from the tournament at the last minute may be subject to action by the Organizing Committee.

In the play-off for top 4 placing, any walk-over will disqualify the team from placing.


The Organiser’s decision arising from any protest shall be final and there shall be no further appeal.


All teams are urged to participate in the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship.

The team manager, coach and official are responsible for the proper control and good conduct of their players and supporters. If an appeal is made to any of the above persons and it is not heeded, the Organisers reserve the right to take disciplinary action against the team.

In the event of a need for disciplinary action to be taken against any participant or team, the Organisers shall make a decision and impose punishment as they deem fit.

While all reasonable precautions will be taken, the Organisers, their servants and agents will not be responsible or in any way liable for any death, disability, personal injury, loss of property or any other loss howsoever arising from any cause whatsoever at any time during the course of this games.

In the event of any question or matter arising out of any point which has not been expressly provided for in any of the rules governing this competition, the decision of the Organiser will be final.

The rules and regulations as depicted above are current.


5v5 Tournament


The tournament will consist of a group stage round robin, where the 16 teams in each category will be split down into 4 groups of 4.

Match Duration: 7 minutes per half with 1 minute break between halves

In the round-robin format, points will be awarded as follows:

Win - 3 points, Draw - 1 point, Loss - 0 point

1 bonus point for every goal scored.

In the round robin stage, the winner shall be the team with the highest number of points attained from all the matches played.

In the event of two or more teams having equal points at the end of the round robin stage, the team with the best goal difference will be placed first.

If a tie still persists, then the team with the greater number of goals scored shall be the winner.

In the event of a tie between two or more teams, the team with the superior head-to-head record would be ranked higher.

In the event of a draw during the knock out stage, 3 penalty kicks will be taken by each team, thereafter if the score is still tied, sudden death penalty will apply.



Final time is recorded (in seconds), the 16 teams in each age group will be scored as follows:

Top 4 teams – 10 points

Next 4 teams – 6 points

Next 4 teams – 2 points

Next 4 teams – 1 point


Each team has maximum 3 attempts, to juggle the ball between all players before kicking it into the bin. Each player must have at least 2 touches of the ball.

3 points if you successfully complete the challenge


Each team must select 3 players from their squad to participate in this challenge. The organisers will supply 1 goalkeeper to oppose each team. Each team has 7 minutes to try and score as many goals as possible either by a volley or a header. Any goals scored by other means will not count.

Each goal scored is worth 1 point each


5 players from each team will participate in this challenge. Each player will take one free kick from the left side and the right side of the pitch. Players will have to shoot over bins placed between the ball and the goal.

Each goal scored is worth 1 point each


5 players from each team will participate in this challenge. Balls will be rolled in from the corner of the pitch where the player will have to attempt to shoot over the bins to score a goal. Each player will have 1 attempt with the right foot and 1 attempt with the left foot.

Each goal scored is worth 1 point each.

Following the round robin games, the total points accumulated from both the team challenges and the round robin games will be added together and the top 4 best placed teams will then enter into a knockout stage (5-a-side) starting with semi-finals through to a final.

In the event of a draw during the knock out stage, 3 penalty kicks will be taken by each team, thereafter if the score is still tied, sudden death penalty will apply.

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